Rev. R. Fish (reverend_r_fish) wrote in tattooists,
Rev. R. Fish

An Introduction (cross posted)

I am a Husband. A Father. A New Creation.

I am rough around the edges and offer no apologies for being the person that I am. I know where I stand and what I believe, not because it is what I have had shoveled down my throat, but because it is a place and a set of beliefs tried by Fire.

I am a Christian of Faith. I believe and follow my path through Faith and the Study of the Word. I found my Faith during a time when I walked the roads of Pagan rites, rituals, and beliefs. I respect the Faith (or lack thereof) of all and expect the same courtesy. If challenged, I guarantee that when all is said and done you will either respect me or you will hate me.

I am enthralled with philosophy, theology, mythology, psychology, the human condition, and such. I am especially intrigued by symbolism, mythologems, and the stories the Human race has been telling itself for centuries.

I tell my stories and mark my personal myths through ink and skin. This sacred art helps to express the Metaphors that words cannot. These markings on my flesh and all that I shall ever receive serve to chronicle my journey, point to my values and beliefs, and serve to remind me that this journey is for only a moment in time.

I have only one tattoo at the moment, and my peircings are long since healed. But as of recent major turning points in my life have occured and I have three tattoo designs that will soon mark these moments so that I will never forget them. They will be reminders of how far I have come, and they will be reminders that can never be taken from me.

I look at body modification in the light of the metaphorical journey each of us take and because of this many I my post may be filled with philosophical and metaphorical undertones. I apologize, but to me the journey is Sacred and this is how I choose to focus on it.

I look forward to much interaction with all of you.
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