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I have a couple of questions.

I have 2 tattoos (one on my ankle/leg and the other on my wrist) and I got both this September. One is not complete yet. Unfortunately I probably can't complete it till maybe the spring (March?) due to money issues at the moment. I may get some money for Christmas but then I wouldn't be able to go in the hot tub during our mini-trip vacation up to Maine we take around December-February. I was told to not go in any clorine for 3-6 months after the I got the tattoo. I was told be gentle and nice with my skin.

Here is what I WANT to do with my ankle/leg. That would be the best place to start right?
It is my favorite quote (from the book 'Hope for the Flowers') wrapped around my leg. I have a butterfly above the quote now. Originally I wanted a kinda yellow butterfly... now after seeing a few real butterflies like the one on my leg I change my mind. I want to darken the yellowish orange to a more orange orange . Next, I'm going to put a line of grass wrapping all around my leg under the quote. At first I was just going to connect the butterfly to the quote with smoke or something... then I changed it to vines... and then this is where this idea came alive. I want to put daises coming up from the grass past the quote up to the butterfly. Two of them.

I had been debating back and forth whether or not to put another butterfly on the other side of the quote on the bottom near my gap between lines. Now I decided why not bring the quote to LIFE? On the grass/ground I want a caterpillar there. If I'm going to put grass why put a butterfly on the ground? I looked up the caterpillar that turns into the butterfly I have and its fun looking! AND I won't lose the yellow sorta color I wanted since it has yellow in it. I want it kinda sitting its front half of its body upward. By the caterpillar I was thinking of putting a daisy that has not yet BLOOMED yet. That fits the quote well since the caterpillar is waiting to turn into a butterfly.

KAY now for the questions:

1.) Can I make the butterfly darker in color? I assume it is possible right? I mean usually the problem is making something LIGHTER... because you can't...

2.) How big should the grass be? a centimeter? and inch? 1/2 inch? kinda want opinions. Should I do blades or will they just mush together over time?

3.) Daises are white.... you can do white coloring right? What should I shade it with? Grey? Blue? Something else?

4.) What does a blooming daisy look like? I've been trying to get a picture but I'm failing? ew. I can probably find one eventually...

5.) The stem of the daises and the quote.... I shouldn't like make them HIT right? Would that look bad? Should I have like a mini gap?? like.... grass-stem quote stem-butterfly-flower .... did that make sense? see how I put a gap between the quote...

That is it. Thanks!

I have pictures after the cut. I'm sorry for how GROSS my leg looks. I was covered in flea bites at the time (now they are cleared up...yay) My tattoo kinda faded a bit =[ But I think it just healed weird... compared to my wrist its almost like it healed perfect! I need both retouched and they should be great.

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